Amelia Kinch, Founder and commander in chief 


Amelia is a spitfire trailblazer who founded RebelRouser with the strong vision that activists can be, and should be, regular people. She is committed to providing first rate, tangible and supportive resources and information to encourage a well informed, fully resourced community of active citizens. 

Amelia holds a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in ethics. She is currently in her last semester at University of Colorado Boulder Law. 




Kate Gillispie, co-founder  and Second In command


Kate is a brilliant entrepreneur and visionary who offers her product development and online communications expertise to our team. She is fueled by her passion for encouraging the extraordinary in others and creating opportunities for people to be heard.

Kate has her B.A. in Psychology and English From Hendrix College.    



milady, office manager 

Lady, the trusty house cat who warms our feet on cold nights as we strategize, offers sweet kitten purrs and her visionary perspective to our Rouser efforts. She's also very rebellious. 


She fights for the right to catnip.