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Today we want to prove that small contributions make a big difference! So donate $1 to RebelRouser today

RebelRouser is a company founded by a disabled queer woman dedicated to making sure activists have resources, training, and funding for their projects! Every dollar you put into RebelRouser makes sure all the #woke rebels out there are armed with legal skills and practical knowledge!

In just two weeks, the two woman team has raised over $2k of their 20k goal! Today both ladies are sitting down and calling friends, family members, and posting on social media to see how much we can get within 24 hours! Already we’ve raised $300… But we’re betting we can do more! 

So let’s show the world what happens when rebels put their mind to something! 

If you want to keep tabs on how much we raise in the next 24 hours, the come visit our tumblr! We’ll be updating the newest post with the most current number (combining Indiegogo, Text Campaign, shop profits, cash, and other sources).

Thank you!!

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