Dear Rebels, 

It's truly the small acts of kindness that fuel us on our pursuit for a better world, isn't it? 

This past inauguration weekend was a big one for people all over the country. Whether you were marching with your cute, knitted pussy hats, or watching Mr. President make his speech- the electric current of new beginnings between people and the cities of this country was palpable. 

Amelia, Commander in Chief here at RebelRouser, shared a story with me about her weekend in L.A. following the Women's March. It moved me, and for good reason. As all good stories should, it started with a muffin and a good cup of coffee.

After a full day of pink-saturated camaraderie, Amelia sat with her snack and enjoyed the satisfaction of having been a part of something important to her. 

 A waitress, who had also marched earlier that day, struck up friendly conversation about how meaningful it was to see so many people- men and women, young and old- showing up to be involved for their country. Before long, Amelia was telling her about the mission of RebelRouser- to provide a place where people can not only get involved but stay involved. "Yes!" exclaimed the waitress. "We need more organized outlets for change-makers." 

 As Amelia packed up to leave sometime later, the waitress came up to her and said, "Your bill is on me. Put it to good use for RebelRouser. Thank you for fighting the good fight." 

Here at RebelRouser this is the message that fuels our passion for bringing forward reliable information and opportunities to get active - so that involvement continues past the moments when we can come together in a big way. 

Amelia and I launched our first crowd funding campaign this past weekend  here on IndieGoGo! We have received an overwhelming amount of love, support and encouragement- thank you! We're excited to see how the coming weeks propel this project forward. 

Whether the gift has been a donation to our cause - or simply a delicious muffin made sweeter through friendship and an aligned vision - its kindness that feeds the change-makers. Wouldn't you agree? 


-Kate @RebelRouser