It’s surprising what you can do with good resources and a little bit of ambition.
— Commander in Chief, Amelia Kinch

Pictured: (From left to right) Kate Gillispie, Co-Founder and Second in Command; Amelia Kinch, Founder and Commander in Chief


Welcome to RebelRouser

Jump on board- because we're moving fast! In less than a month the brilliant leader of this company, Amelia Kinch has outlined her ideas on how best to address our generation's need for a source of reliable facts and how to create opportunities to make change happen. Then, I came along to help fine-tune and off we went! As we embarked, we asked ourselves: How can we help our generation get involved? 

The answer is RebelRouser. 

We provide an online resource library with educational training, practical and fact-based information to help you be a more well-informed activist participant, and a social hub in which to collaborate and get funding for the extraordinary projects you've been dreaming about! 

RebelRouser is the platform where you can easily get the information you crave, get connected and get motivated. Through RebelRouser you are supported to cultivate change and develop your cutting edge ideas, projects and movements - all within a friendly and well-connected online community that challenges you to do more.

Have a great idea? The best developed projects are funded and publicized through RebelRouser so your project can get the momentum it needs.

Need resources or information to feel informed? RebelRouser provides education in law, history, psychology and economics to enhance your knowledge and bolster your projects with the facts that matter.  

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Stay tuned!   xxx 

- Kate, @ RebelRouser