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Chalk for Change

Good morning Rebels! 

Sometimes, the crazy-seeming idea turns out to be the best one. I have my quirky, yet brilliant, RebelRouser founder, Amelia, to thank for this perspective. 

Like any good employee and friend, I spent my morning yesterday attempting to get us more organized. Setting tasks in Asana for us to complete, scribbling down ideas for our Launch Party, and attempting to make lists of possible donors for our ongoing fundraiser - but Amelia had something else in mind. 


If you haven't ever seen massive chalk-art advertising - here are some pretty amazing examples. Its legit. 

But it wasn't drawing our RebelRouser logo across the bricks that made a difference. It was the conversations that took place while we were out there. The enthusiasm from total strangers, who stopped to chat and lend a hand, genuinely surprised me! It was infectious. It was fun. And it was inspiring. 

      People of Boulder Colorado stop to lend a hand and talk about the impact of RebelRouser 

      People of Boulder Colorado stop to lend a hand and talk about the impact of RebelRouser 

Some of things people had to say, when we asked why they felt the need for an organization like RebelRouser, included: 

"I've been thinking a lot about how art and media is the revolution. Historically, what better captures passion than art? The artists need to get involved." 
"I think Trump might be after the right things - helping local businesses to grow- you know? But we need tolerance for different opinions too. And if we don't have tolerance for it, we need an outlet to keep that alive." 
"With any change in government there's inevitably a lot of folks with new ideas who are going to want to stand up and do something - to make a difference. That passion-  that drive- it needs to go somewhere productive." 
Amelia, founder,  having fun listening to people's ideas and getting creative 

Amelia, founder,  having fun listening to people's ideas and getting creative 

What are your thoughts? How could RebelRouser - the first online activist hub for education resources and project funding - help you take action with something you're passionate about?


-Kate @RebelRouser  



Remain Involved in Five Easy Steps

Photo from  Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

The Women's March is Over -- You Can Still Help!

Guest article by Luke Patrick.

NOTE: Any political or partisan views expressed in this article belong to Luke Patrick. RebelRouser is committed to remaining a nonpartisan company to make absolutely sure that the information and resources we offer help to empower you, make your own decisions, and get involved however you choose to do so. While Mr. Patrick leans heavily towards liberalism, his advice and cited resources are important tools regardless of political affiliation.  

The Women’s March is over, and the numbers are still being tallied. However, it’s safe to say that a lot of people the world over went out into the streets and made their voices known. Whether or not you were one of those people, you’re now probably wondering: What’s next?

Now is the perfect time to seize the momentum and begin building. If you’re looking for some quick, effective ways you can make your views known, we’ve got your back. It’s easier than you’d think. Given only a few hours, you can achieve a lot. So let’s start achieving, step by step!


1. Take Stock of the Situation

The very first thing we need to do is pause. Take a deep breath and try to come to grips with the reality of the next four years. Not just the scary parts. We’re also talking policy. There are plenty of reasons to be scared, and plenty of reasons to fight. But if we’re going to make it count, we have to focus on policy. And that only comes from our local legislatures and from Washington D.C.

This is a good thing. There are plenty of people in Washington that have our back. Policy also takes time, and is increasingly visible. All of this means that if we yell loud enough, we can affect change.

So to sum it up: We need to make sure politicians know how we, the populous, feel. If we fill the airwaves with support or dissent, that will be reflected in our nation’s capital. To voice that support, we need avenues and we need visibility for the law as it’s made. Those are things we can help with — even without leaving the couch. This is doable!


2. Support Journalism

Outside of a Daredevil episode, most of us don’t think about journalism. But it has a long, long history of sticking accountability to politicians and providing the public with information. Especially at the local level, journalism can be a powerful tool against corruption and harmful policies. There’s more to say here, but John Oliver has a much better summary.

How can you help? This one’s easy: First become a member of your local newspaper. Quality journalism takes a lot of time, and therefore a lot of money. It’s no secret that print media has lost market share over the last decade. The New York Times has a much larger readership than your local, and every dime created through subscriptions helps the wheels turn.

Most local papers now have online versions that cost much less than their print counterparts. Even if it’s just $5 a year, you’re still supporting your village voice. Plus, you get to read the funnies again — a novel experience these days.

After you've done that, go ahead and pick a few national outlets to support: The New York Times has a $0.99 trial period, which seems like a good place to start. For other great journalistic outlets, The Pen Center has a list of high-integrity papers here. Given the current climate, supporting PBS and NPR is also a fantastic idea.


3. Support Politically Active Organizations

Journalism is a key part of change, but to truly create justice, we need policy makers within the system to get to work. This kind of activity takes a long time, and involves a lot of nitty-gritty details: Lobbying, going to court, supporting individuals damaged by the legal system, setting up financial trusts, etc. These things are necessary, and provide a rigid backbone for the changes we want.

Basically, we’re going to need organizations like those listed here. It takes man hours and expertise to create change within our government. Those changes also need ground support for those affected by bad policy. By donating money to organizations that do these things, you are directly helping to either affect change or fight injustice.

You really should consider donating even a small amount to Planned Parenthood. Ensuring the organization can continue to provide high-quality women’s healthcare is vital, and the current administration is doing everything it can to prevent it.

If you don’t have money to spare, you can still help. In many urban areas, organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood will canvas the street for signatures. Signing a petition is another way to send a message to your lawmakers, both local and federal.

You can also immediately donate your John Hancock by visiting the White House petitions site. Petitions reaching 100,000 signatures in 30 days require a response from the White House within 60. For more signature gathering, also be sure to check MoveOn.org


4. Call Your Congressional Representatives

Cabinet confirmation hearings are still going on, and things have often bounced between the wacky and the downright disconcerting. This makes for a good reason to call your members of congress. In a lot of ways, calling a congressional member about an issue is like voting. It gets the message across, and with enough voices, we can do incredible things.

If like most Americans you’re not sure where to start, check this handy guide from CivilRights.org. Before you call, check who your congressional representatives are, and be prepared to succinctly explain why you’re calling. You likely won’t reach your actual representative, but every call is noted and counted. Personal stories of policy impact are also often prioritized. Flooding phone lines in opposition to the repeal of the ACA, or the nomination of unqualified cabinet picks, can and will have an impact.


5. Start Learning Today, and Don’t Stop

In order to improve the lives of every American, we need a solid educational baseline. No matter who you are (PhD candidate or high school dropout) there’s always something new to learn. And in an era where hoaxes can spread virally, you bet your boots a little knowledge can go a long way.

To help yourself and others, start reading books, news outlets, and reputable online resources. Educating yourself and others is every bit as important as staying informed. Use free resources like Khan Academy to brush up on a wide range of topics. By arming yourself with the right cerebral toolset, you’ll find it easier to argue for common abstract problems: limiting climate change, promoting hybrid socialist-democratic economic systems, advocating universal healthcare, etc. A lot of these topics may sound scary, but with 10 minute’s reading a day, you’ll quickly find them a lot more manageable.

Finally, YouTube can also be a great place to learn new things. Shows like Crash Course offer socially conscious, fair, and fun analysis of history, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and video games.


Bonus Round:

If you’ve done as much as you can today, but you still want to help, take heart in the fact there’s one more option:

Basically, just sit on the couch with some Netflix.

By supporting art programs, watching independent films, and voicing a firm desire for better representation in the media, we can create a better world. CivilRights.org and NPR both have great resources on why the struggle for diversity in art is important.

How is Netflix and “chill” advocating for greater diversity in the arts? By supporting films that feature LBGT+ characters / plots, plays with minority casting, or books that have real, female characters, you’re sending a message to media companies that those things are desired. It all starts with numbers, though. Demand is already high, but by boosting it to unprecedented levels, we can make sure everyone in this country is guaranteed an inclusive culture.

Thoughts? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Kindness Feeds Change-makers

Dear Rebels, 

It's truly the small acts of kindness that fuel us on our pursuit for a better world, isn't it? 

This past inauguration weekend was a big one for people all over the country. Whether you were marching with your cute, knitted pussy hats, or watching Mr. President make his speech- the electric current of new beginnings between people and the cities of this country was palpable. 

Amelia, Commander in Chief here at RebelRouser, shared a story with me about her weekend in L.A. following the Women's March. It moved me, and for good reason. As all good stories should, it started with a muffin and a good cup of coffee.

After a full day of pink-saturated camaraderie, Amelia sat with her snack and enjoyed the satisfaction of having been a part of something important to her. 

 A waitress, who had also marched earlier that day, struck up friendly conversation about how meaningful it was to see so many people- men and women, young and old- showing up to be involved for their country. Before long, Amelia was telling her about the mission of RebelRouser- to provide a place where people can not only get involved but stay involved. "Yes!" exclaimed the waitress. "We need more organized outlets for change-makers." 

 As Amelia packed up to leave sometime later, the waitress came up to her and said, "Your bill is on me. Put it to good use for RebelRouser. Thank you for fighting the good fight." 

Here at RebelRouser this is the message that fuels our passion for bringing forward reliable information and opportunities to get active - so that involvement continues past the moments when we can come together in a big way. 

Amelia and I launched our first crowd funding campaign this past weekend  here on IndieGoGo! We have received an overwhelming amount of love, support and encouragement- thank you! We're excited to see how the coming weeks propel this project forward. 

Whether the gift has been a donation to our cause - or simply a delicious muffin made sweeter through friendship and an aligned vision - its kindness that feeds the change-makers. Wouldn't you agree? 


-Kate @RebelRouser 

Introducing RebelRouser!

Introducing RebelRouser!

It’s surprising what you can do with good resources and a little bit of ambition.
— Commander in Chief, Amelia Kinch

Pictured: (From left to right) Kate Gillispie, Co-Founder and Second in Command; Amelia Kinch, Founder and Commander in Chief


Welcome to RebelRouser

Jump on board- because we're moving fast! In less than a month the brilliant leader of this company, Amelia Kinch has outlined her ideas on how best to address our generation's need for a source of reliable facts and how to create opportunities to make change happen. Then, I came along to help fine-tune and off we went! As we embarked, we asked ourselves: How can we help our generation get involved? 

The answer is RebelRouser. 

We provide an online resource library with educational training, practical and fact-based information to help you be a more well-informed activist participant, and a social hub in which to collaborate and get funding for the extraordinary projects you've been dreaming about! 

RebelRouser is the platform where you can easily get the information you crave, get connected and get motivated. Through RebelRouser you are supported to cultivate change and develop your cutting edge ideas, projects and movements - all within a friendly and well-connected online community that challenges you to do more.

Have a great idea? The best developed projects are funded and publicized through RebelRouser so your project can get the momentum it needs.

Need resources or information to feel informed? RebelRouser provides education in law, history, psychology and economics to enhance your knowledge and bolster your projects with the facts that matter.  

Love what RebelRouser is up to? (Us too!) Support us with "likes" and dollars by donating to our IndieGoGO campaign.

See what we're up to as we develop our company by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Stay tuned!   xxx 

- Kate, @ RebelRouser